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Combined cable trench bracket

Combined cable trench bracket

Product features: 1. Natural insulation: the bracket has good insulation properties, no need to be grounded, high-quality resin is made of flame-retardant materials, has high arc resistance and high tracking index.

Product Details

Features of Cable Trench Bracket:

1, Natural insulation: The bracket has good insulation properties, no grounding is required, and the high-quality resin is made of flame-retardant materials, which has high arc resistance and high tracking index.

2, Smooth surface: small friction coefficient, no scratches or damage to the cable.

3, Excellent corrosion resistance: no corrosion, no rust, no mold in acid, alkali and salt environment.

4, Flame-retardant and fire-resistant: heat-resistant, cold-resistant. Excellent fire resistance, good flame resistance and burning speed.

5, Avoid eddy current: When current flows through the cable, a magnetic field will be generated, and the high insulation of the composite material will prevent the magnetic field from forming a closed loop with the bracket to generate circulating current.

6, Light weight, high strength: the weight is only that of the steel bracket1/4, about 1/10 of the concrete support, The construction is simple and convenient, and it is easy to transport.

7, Strong bending resistance: no creep, under humid, high temperature, and cold environment, the mechanical strength is maintained atAbove 95%, it will not be deformed even under long-term load. The good mechanical strength can bear more cables and obtain a longer suspension distance.

8,Long service life: underground50 years, 25 years on the ground, super long life, durable.

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