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How to distinguish the quality of the cable trench bracket?


The surface of the cable trench bracket has a high gloss and no unevenness. Such a product is a qualified product. For the purchaser, how should we distinguish the quality of the cable trench support? Let's quickly follow the editor of Xinao Electric to take a look at it in detail!

To identify the quality of the cable trench bracket, the key point is to master the basic performance of the cable trench bracket;

1. High-strength and excellent design, because the main material is continuous fiber reinforced thermosetting compatible material, which can improve the effect and have a good bonding effect. A major feature of glass fiber is that it has good tensile strength, so the content, length and laying form of the glass fiber of the cable support play a decisive role. Compared with other materials, this kind of glass fiber has a relatively wide range of strength and durability, so we generally decide the number and length of this kind of glass fiber based on the comprehensive situation of the product.

2. Fire protection is an important indicator for evaluating cable fire protection products. When laying cables, the greater the cable density, the better the combustion quality. Generally speaking, the oxygen index of the product is more suitable to be 75%. According to this requirement, more than 70% are used to manufacture cable supports, which must meet the basic requirements for fire protection.

3. There is no creep, and the continuous fiber reinforced thermosetting composite material used for cable support has very good rigidity. This material will not deform under long-term load, and it will not tilt downwards like other materials.

4. Electrical insulation, electrical insulation is the basic performance of the cable support, and it is also the basis for meeting safety standards. Electrical insulation can be adjusted according to actual usage.

5. Corrosion resistance, sometimes the cable support needs to be placed outdoors, so it will inevitably encounter wind and sunlight. Therefore, the cable support must have good corrosion resistance. The material used for the cable support can meet this requirement and can be used well in humid, acidic and alkaline environments.

When choosing a cable trench support, you can look at the above aspects, so that you can choose a better product. If you need to purchase a cable trench support, you can visit Xinao Electric for consultation!