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Which manufacturer of coal mine machinery parts is better?


Speaking of coal mine machinery accessories, the content here is very rich. I will introduce to you one by one in the following article. In this issue, we will mainly talk about the problems of coal mine machinery accessories manufacturers. Which coal mine machinery accessory manufacturer? Okay? I want to talk to everyone in Amway's family!

The editor thinks of Amway's coal mine machinery parts manufacturer, it is Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd.

Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Our company's production of "Tianzhu" brand combination hook-up cable hooks, fully enclosed shearer cable clamps, cable brackets, etc. have won unanimous praise from all users in the standardized construction of major coal mines. Our company produces 6 million sets of cable hooks, 300,000 pieces of cable clamps, 400,000 pieces of composite brackets for cable and pipe installation, and 100,000 pieces of plastic pallets. The company is located at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, an AAAA-level scenic spot, 50km away from Anqing Port. National Highway 105, 318 and Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway run through it. The traffic information is smooth. Our company is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of shearer cable splints, mining cable hooks, cable and pipeline composite supports, coal mine machinery accessories, electromechanical and electrical repair equipment. Since its establishment, it has actively introduced technology and equipment. Has introduced a full set of automated production lines and testing equipment. At the same time, we insist on taking the road of winning with science and technology and benefiting from management, and actively promote the modern enterprise management model, pay attention to product quality and standardized management, and have implemented the ISO9001 international quality assurance system and ISO10012 to improve the measurement and testing system.

Since its establishment, the company has been treating every customer seriously in line with the belief and purpose of reputation first, quality first, and guaranteed sales and service. And so that every customer who supports us can get a comfortable working environment and satisfactory service. Friends who have requirements for coal mine machinery accessories, look forward to working with you!