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Why is the quality selection of nylon pillar shoe pillar caps important?


Why sayNylon stud capIs the quality of choice important? Today, Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd. will introduce to you.

For the building of the form of pillar cap and shoe, the building framework and floor cover and construction issues are of great significance. The floor and skeleton structure are the load-bearing parts of the building, and these structures determine the overall strength, rigidity and durability of the building, but also determine the safety of the building, and to a large extent determine the construction cost. In buildings such as multi-storey houses, reinforced concrete is widely used because of its excellent properties. In many respects, it has become an irreplaceable material.
In addition, in these houses, because the span is not large, and the column caps and shoes are generally the same, the height of each floor is the same, the length of the building and the individual components in the house have a high degree of repeatability, all of which also promote the reinforced concrete The application effect is remarkable in the above-mentioned buildings.

Since the emergence of reinforced concrete structures, engineers have focused their attention on how to reduce the self-weight of such structures, and the research work is based on reducing the weight of concrete.; But the main reason is that the amount of material is small and can be fully obtainedAnd the reasonable use of the structure.

However, it must be noted that the reduction of the self-weight of reinforced concrete structures often leads to the complication of the structure, and this complication will increase the cost. In addition, the complexity of the structure often makes the static force of the building very unstable, so it is an indispensable step to choose high-quality pillar caps and shoes!

Why is the quality selection of nylon pillar shoe pillar caps important?, I don’t know if everyonegetUp?