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Why can mining cable hooks replace steel hooks?


Power and communication cables are the primary conditions to ensure the smooth progress of coal mining, so the mining cable hook is indispensable in the cable laying process. Let's take a look at why mining cable hooks can replace steel hooks related content!

The steel hook is made of profile steel cut, bent and welded by the traditional cable hook. There are many defects in actual use:

1,A large amount of steel is required, and the cost is high;

2,The corrosion problem is very serious and will corrode the steel; in addition, the rusty steel hook may corrode the rubber on the outside of the cable and cause damage to the cable;

3.It is a one-piece structure design, the form is fixed, the number of hooks cannot be changed, and it is difficult to match the number of cables that need to be erected;

4.It is difficult to disassemble as a whole. If one hook is damaged, the entire cable hook must be replaced as a whole, which will increase the workload and waste materials.

Mining cable hooks are made of anti-corrosion, anti-static, flame-retardant and high-strength plastic, and are molded in one time. The antistatic agent and flame retardant of the mining cable hook are evenly distributed in the resin body, and the antistatic and flame retardant properties of the hook will not decrease with time. This material is relatively light in weight, suitable for transportation and installation, and brings convenience, while reducing construction costs and improving the work efficiency of workers. The mining cable hook has excellent anti-aging and anti-corrosion properties, and the service life is as long as 50 years. It can also be disassembled and assembled at will according to actual needs. After the hook is combined, it will not swing from side to side, which is beautiful and practical.

Mining cable hooks can not only meet the needs of underground cable erection, but also solve the limitations of steel hooks in actual use. This is the current underground cable installation option. Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of mining cable hooks. Our product quality and service are guaranteed. Friends in need can come to consult and look forward to cooperating with you!