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Precautions for the use of nylon column shoe column caps


Nylon pillar cap and pillar shoes can be used in coal mining enterprises. Because of their flexibility, lightness, reasonable design, and convenient recovery, they can be applied to large-incline coal seam mining faces. The following is an introduction to their use methods and precautions:

How to use: When installing the column cap and shoe, it is necessary to place the article against the wall.1To arrange the pillars, first rotate the pillar shoe horizontally at the pillar to be installed, and then place the base of the pillar into the groove in the middle of the pillar shoe, and then the pillar can be tightened. The chain is hooked to the handle of the pillar to complete the installation operation. When recycling the pillar shoes, first remove the chain hanging on the handle, and then change it to hang on the front pillar, so as not to be buried by accidental falling coal when returning to the pillar.

Note: After using the pillar cap and pillar shoes, if there is a phenomenon of drilling the bottom, it indicates that the caliber of the pillar shoes is not appropriate. You can use a larger diameter pillar shoe model, or face the bottom coal rock according to the work. When determining the working resistance against the column given in the technical parameter table, the column shoe model is determined by the ratio of the column shoe to the bottom plate. In the case of excessive coal pile pressure, the use of a recovery device is less efficient. Two recovery devices can be used in parallel for recovery to improve recovery efficiency. Sometimes when the inclination of the working surface is large, in addition to the pillars must be accurately aligned to the center, the pillars must be ensured to reach the predetermined setting force. When using pillar shoes, you can also simplify the recycling operation according to the actual situation. By removing the chain, use a special drag hook to slowly hook out the pillar shoes.

As for the precautions for the use of nylon column shoe column caps, the editor will talk to you here. I hope you can understand.