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Coal mine machine accessories-small introduction to sprocket


Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in productionCoal mine machine accessories, What I want to introduce to you today is the sprocket. What is a sprocket? I believe everyone is more curious! Let's look at it below.

A sprocket is a wheel with cog-type buckle sprocket, which is used to mesh with a block with an accurate pitch on a link chain or a cable. Sprockets are widely used in mechanical transmission in chemical, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries. The sprocket material should ensure that the gear teeth have sufficient strength and wear resistance, so the sprocket tooth surface is generally heat treated to make it reach a certain hardness.

The service life of the sprocket is short, far from meeting the requirements of production practice. According to the use condition of the sprocket, processing status, and manufacturing technology, some improvement measures are proposed for the sprocket: the original sprocket design material is40Cr, The overall quenching and tempering hardnessHB220~250, Tooth quenchingHRC48~52. This method basically cannot improve the wear resistance of the sprocket due to the limited hardness of the tooth quenching. It is recommended to change the sprocket material to20CrMnTi, Carburizing and quenching treatment, the hardness of the chain socket can reachHRC60Above, its abrasion resistance is40CrMaterial2.5Times more. This can greatly increase the service life of the sprocket, reduce the frequency of repairs, increase productivity, and reduce production costs; the shape of the sprocket socket is forged and directly formed, so that the size error is large, the surface is rough, and the wear resistance is also reduced. With the wide application of CNC machine tools and the reduction of their processing costs, it is recommended to leave a little margin after forging, and finish the finishing by milling to improve the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, so as to achieve the purpose of improving wear resistance.

About the knowledge of sprocket, the editor of this issue will introduce to you here. To understand other knowledge of coal mine machinery accessories, we will see you later in the article!