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Production requirements of composite support for underground pipelines


I don’t know if you have known about the requirements for the production of composite support for underground pipelines. The editor below will show you about it!

Installation height of the flat bracket: the bracket is above the ground1.5~1.8m below 4m, 1.65mAppropriate. If the floor exceeds4 meters will be evenly distributed in proportion.The bracket must be painted before installation. According to regulations, the anti-rust paint should be brushed twice, plus the top coat twice. All holes in the frame must be drilled, and gas cutting is not allowed.

National Standard "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Water Supply and Drainage and Heating Engineering"GB50242-2002 on the pipe supportThe production has the following requirements:

Article 3.3.7 The installation of pipe supports, hangers and supports shall meet the following requirements:

The position is correct, and the buried objects should be level and firm; the fixing bracket should be in close contact with the pipeline and be fixed firmly. The sliding bracket should be flexible, and there should be a gap between the sliding bracket and the chuteWith a gap of 3 to 5 mm, the longitudinal movement should meet the design requirements. Hangers and hangers for non-heat stretched pipesThe bar should be installed vertically; the boom and the hanger with the thermal extension tube should be offset in the opposite direction of thermal expansion; the hanger fixed on the building structure must not affect the safety of the structure.

The installation method of the pipeline bracket includes: the installation of the embedded bracket; the installation of the welding bracket; the installation of the bracket by the expansion bolt method; the installation of the bracket by the hoop method; the installation of the bracket by the shooting method.

The above is the production requirements of the underground pipeline composite bracket, the editor will take everyone to understand here in a simple way! To learn more about underground pipeline composite support, you are welcome to pay attention to our official website of Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd.! We will update the article consultation in real time for everyone to read and understand, I look forward to your attention online!