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Technical parameters of mining cable hook


Mining cable hookIt is a product that replaces steel cable hooks and corresponding supporting parts. They are suitable for laying cables in mines, ground and underground passages, and especially suitable for laying cables under coal mines. The use of mining cable hooks is very flexible. It can save time, labor, and labor when erecting, removing, adding, and replacing cables. It is an ideal erection accessory when erecting cables in mines. Let's talk to you about the technical parameters of mining optical cable hooks today!

Mining cable hooks are mainly composed of safety buckles, hanging holes, straight sections, grooves, booms, luminous signs, arc-shaped hooks and spare holes.

The technical parameters of the mining cable hook are: the bearing capacity of the mining cable hook should not be less than210㎏, whenThe bearing capacity of the hook reachesAt 50㎏, the deflection of the straight rod section should be less than 10㎜, and the resistance value of the hook surface should not be greater than 3 * 108 ohms.

The flame retardant performance of the mining cable hook requires that the average burning time when there is a flame is less than or equal to3 minutes, and the long time does not exceed 10 minutes. NoThe average burning time in flame is10 minutes, and no more than 30 minutes. Due to the different models of mining cable hooks, each type of cable hook connected to the mining cable has a large size and different load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it must be based on the actual suspension of the cable.Use the cable hook.

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