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Installation method and precautions of cable trench bracket


Have you heard about the installation method and precautions of the cable trench bracket? Today, Anhui Xinao Electric Co., Ltd. will introduce to you.

For a long time, the materials of cable trench brackets mainly include metal angle iron cable brackets, cement cable brackets and so on. Because the metal bracket is simply rolled into shape by steel or angle iron, it is economical and easy to obtain.

Installation method of cable trench bracket:

A set of brackets includes glass fiber reinforced plastic columns, supporting arms, pins and polymer fixing caps. The installation tools are ordinary electric drills, drill bits and wrenches.

Column installation: The positioning line on the back of the column has a diameter ofФ12.5 mounting hole. According to the installation structure drawing andThe position of the column mounting hole, useM12 expansion bolts willThe column is fixed to the wall. Spacers and slots must be installed between the bolt and the column. The trough-shaped column is as close to the wall as possible.

Cable: Drag the cable to the installation position of the cable bracket.

Support arm installation: According to the requirements of the support arm layer spacing, assembly holes are reserved on the positioning lines on both sides of the column with a diameter of8.5; Use bolts toFix the support arm to the trough column, tighten the bolts, and then fix the bolt and the column between the washers. Note that the washers must be installed.

Position and fix the cables: Put the cables on the bracket and bind them. When placing them, try to place the heavier cables at the root of the support arm.

Note: When installing, place the cable bracket close to the wall to prevent loosening. It is strictly forbidden to stand on supports other than cables. When laying the cable, it is strictly prohibited to drop the cable from a high place, and it should be placed directly on the support. When laying and repairing, avoid pulling the cable on the bracket, and take effective measures to avoid applying lateral force on the bracket.

Well, the installation method and precautions of the cable trench bracket are here. Customers and friends in need are welcome to come and buy.